Maurice Cassidy

Maurice is an established content producer and journalist who, for close to 10 years, has shared his love for American cinema, music, and television with audiences all over the world.

Throughout his prolific career, Maurice has worked in newsrooms based in Los Angeles and London, producing content ranging from interviews, breaking news, style reports, and general entertainment news.

Having worked with leading media publications worldwide, Maurice has also gained an impressive readership, raising international interest and increased demand for one of the most popular U.S exports - American arts and entertainment.

What I Do


Writing stories on a range of topics, including news, politics, sports, culture, and entertainment. I've also written hundreds of feature articles where I covered topics in more depth ranging from breaking news and interviews.

Public Relations

Building and maintaining a positive public image for companies by creating everything from press releases to social media messages, which shape public opinion and increase awareness of its brand.

Social Media

Combining marketing and social media management skills to architect and enhance a company's social media presence, including interacting with consumers, promoting brand-focused engaging and interactive content, and expanding opportunities for revenue.

Search Engine Optimization

Extensive experience writing for a web-based audience as well as a working knowledge of search engine optimization best practices and how they apply to content marketing and traffic gain.


Work Experience